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Our company works more than 15 years in the development of diverse as technology and requirements of our customers software.



Develop programs for the PC, desktop and laptop. Wide range of functionality covering the high demands of our customers. The majority of the works of our software is developed on behalf of our customers and designed specifically for their specific needs. Working with the full range of the most popular software technologies for the PC. We use: VisualStudio, C#, Java, JavaFX, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Бази Данни,  XML, .NET, Adobe AIR, Delphi, Git, Linux, Microsoft, Objective C, Open GL, Python, WPF и др.


Developing programs for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, TVs. Completely separate programs for mobile devices, as well as serving the needs of software for PC, WEB software other servers or work with them. Working with the full range of the most popular software technology for mobile devices. We use: Adobe Air, Android Studio, Appcelerator Titanium, Geolocation, J2ME, HTML5, Intel SDK, javascript, jQuery, PhoneGap и др.


Develop WEB sites and programs. Corporate websites Systems content management, online shop and more. Create programs based on WEB technologies HTML5, for ease of use between different offices of one or many companies. Create modules for installation in one of the most popular management systems WEB content to cover the specific needs of our customers. We use all the new WEB technologies: Adobe Air, AJAX, Apache, ASP, CMS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Drupal, eCommerce, Express JS, Google App Engine, HTML, HTML5, IIS, Javascript, Joomla, jQuery, Magento, MVC, node.js, Paypal API, Photoshop, SEO, WordPress, QCodo и др.


We develop software for industrial use. Specific programs for various manufacturing processes and lines. Designed entirely on specific tasks to the needs of our customers. Tailor used a mixture of the above-mentioned technologies. Development of SCADA software.


Design and implementation of network, client server software. If necessary work of many jobs with one and sewed data use technology mentioned above to create the appropriate networking software.